new boostbysmith t-shirt


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Just got some more business cards and had a couple of t-shirts made to see how they would look
LOL, i wish i could guys, but with what i profit on stuff i can't afford to buy a bunch of shirts to send out for free, maybe in the future LOL
I guys really want some i can get some made up, i just got 2 for me and 1 for the wife, they were like $8 each or something, they aren't the thickest of t-shirts, but they aren't much money either LOL
if you can get + 9 oz or better they will last a lot longer... I think the org uses something close to a 12 oz fabric.. My time at track? crud, turned into a job more than diversion... should have been a yo you so they did not want me there all the time huh?

At least the bike program is growing..
I would be more than happy to buy one or 2. If you do decide to do an order count me in please.
You make'em in black with bright yellow lettering, and a logo on the back, and I'll add them to my favorite tee's !!!!

PS Don't forget a web address on the bottom of the back. I do a lot of bike nights, and I always see web addresses that stick in my mind........