Need some help finding a better rear brake mc


I recently installed a rear 2 piston brembo caliper. Problem is the OEM master doesn't seem to move enough fluid to fully activate the caliper. Does anybody know of a boltup rear mc that would be better? Gen2
Any brembo rear mc that will bolt up? I saw one somewhere that had the reservoir built in, I would love that one. I have no idea if it would bolt up though. I've tried searching for anything and everything regarding the rear mc but didn't find much. So really I don't know what fits and doesn't. Looking for some guidance, thanks.

Edit: I guess its possible I have air in the line still so forgive me if I get it worked out before I get a reply.
Why ? would be my question. I've never had a problem locking up the rear tire of a Busa :laugh:
Read my first post.....I can't lock up the rear. I'm pretty sure I got all the air out of the line, but for whatever reason pads won't close on the disk. My only thoughts are I have a stubborn air pocket in the line or going from 1 piston caliper to 2 piston is just too much for the OEM mc.
There's usually two bleed ports on the rear caliper and everyone overlooks one. That may not be your issue.

I read your first post. I never had an issue locking up my '06 or my improved '08 rear. What you had before you changed to what you have was probably all the rear braking you would have ever needed. Good luck with getting it worked out and make sure you keep brake fluid off the paint, etc. nasty stuff.
OK, did some more tinkering on the bike. I got it working, was just a stubborn air pocket in the line. There is no problem with the oem mc, I just had trouble getting it fully bled. I still like the idea of getting a brembo master that has the reservoir built in. As it is now, I have my lc-1 mounted on top of the stock reservoir, its a very tight fit. Ultimately I would like to free up some space there by getting rid of the oem res but I guess it's a lost cause.