me and the wife are planning on driving out to myrtle beach, sc from chicago, il this weekend and i was wondering what i should expect considering we will be right next to the smokey mountains and etc...(hilly area) i have driven to vegas and florida in the past but i was just wondering if we should expect to hit alot of snow going through there

any feedback is welcomed thanks!!!!
What route ? I know upstate SC ....Appalachain Mts don't have snow ....yet .
as of right now the smokey mtn area is wide open for traffic. unless theres a major storm you should be just fine and miss any snow.
Just had Christmas in NC, My brother and his family live in Arden near Asheville. They complained about having no snow so far this year. In my area we had several inches about a month ago. I-40 and 26 should be clear. Enjoy the lonely beach. Come back first week of June. HEHEHE
Update. Mom just called and the sister-in-law says that the NC mountains got 3 to 5 inches today. They have the equipment to keep the interstates clear, should not be a problem. Enjoy.