need map for boost kit!!!

hi everyone, buzard from this board has put my stage 1 boost unlimited kit on my stock 02 hayabusa, i guess we are looking for a great map to put on my bike, im not going to be using the turbo for dragging just to have and drive around on a daily basis. want to have the turbo so i can crack the throttle here and there, so if anyone has a good streetable map for the boost kit please forward it to me or buzard, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
You could use another map to get you to a tuner to do a map for your bike,without using boost on the way.
NOT A GOOD IDEA, to not ,custom map your bike!:poke:
You are asking for trouble otherwise.??? Find a tuner who does turbos and be glad you did.:beerchug:
The tune is the single most important part of the whole turbo equation. You've spent the money & time getting the turbo and installing. Spend the money for a quality custom tune, otherwise you will be paying more in the end.

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