Need help please

Appreciate if anyone could help me. Just bought an 06 blue, unfortunatly the only owners manual the previous owner had was in french Does anyone know where I can download one? Thanks.


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We have an online manual, but I can't post the link from my mobile device. Someone will post it up soon, or do a search for "online manual" and it should pull up for you.
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Is there a specific question you need answered? The online manual twotonevert referred to is a service manual.
Mostly general information, what type of oil is best, how to change it? Not even sure about the trip meters. Would love to browse the whole owners manual for an 06.


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I've got one thats been scanned in pdf format. send me your email and I'll hook you up! :thumbsup: Also, as someone else said, theres a link on the site to download the service repair manual as well...always good to have it.

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