NBC Sports Idiots

05 Busa LE

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F1 replay from Silverstone at 1130 am. Turn it on, still showing the Tour, and then ... they switch to the race commentators to tell everyone who won the race, and what happened. Then back to the Tour. So everyone who turned it on at 1130 am, or recorded the race, knows or will know who won and the events that transpired before they see the race. When will those idiots learn that you need at least a half hour between live events and recorded events? And then to blow the result? Unbelievable. <Rant off.>
Yea, but the real story of the race was the tire explosions :duh: !!!!!! The Big P has a BIG Problem :banghead: !!! And the race was shown live on CNBC at 6:30 AM ! Glad I scanned the TV Guide on the TV last night :laugh:!!