My Bike


Finally here is a pic of my bike.

Big E Congrats!!! Bike looks great!!! Did you take the pix on Treasure Island??? I love that spot, i go there to watch the airshows in San Fran.... Once it stops raining, maybe we can get together and take a nice ride up to Alice's Restaurant!!!!

(please stop raining, please stop raining, please stop raining.... say it over and over again.....)

Excellent Big_E....please stop raining...expecting snow at Tahoe tonight...for my drive to work...You gonna make it to Infinion and Laguna? Would be fun to meet ya..and Lobusa too..and Kent, thinker62...comi'n up soon...yea! Oh ya and that Cache guy..
Nor cal ROCKS! Cant wait for us to hook up,
I smell FUN! oh and photo opp's...
Thanks guys/gal... i sure can't wait for better weather.

Lo, i am with you with this weather... this rain needs to go.
yes, the photo was taken on treasure island.

Pace, i will be there at Sears Point on sunday. Just look for the big guy in the T-shirt.
i will also be at laguna. i will be staying at the goodnight inn. i will be arriving there thursday afternoon.

Can't wait to meet you all.