moved to Oklahoma City!

Mr. Anderson

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Hey all, my tour was up in southern MD, moved back to Oklahoma City, Looking forward to meeting a couple of y'all in the area. Livin' in the SW side of OKC for now.
Welcome to Oklahoma. You could come to Eureka with us this weekend.
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welcome back. :welcome: i lived near will rodgers for 2 years, now i live on the nw side near mercy hospital. i'm moddin now but will be ridin soon.
oh man. and you have the 07 black. what's it like to ride that dream machine? some say that the 07 black is a secret limited edition busa with better handling, comfort, looks, and even more horse power than all the zx14's combined. we have got 2 ride together. it is our duty 2 spread this wisdom
(In voice of an Agent) Welcome to the city Mr Anderson!
:welcome: back, I was just down there this last weekend. the Okc has changed so much since I moved to the Tulsa area almost 5 years ago.
Yes, OKC has grown in the suburbs exponentially! 29th street off tinker is almost unrecognizable! all for the good though, they needed to do that to 29th a LONG time ago. Getting together sounds like fun, I do like to be able to do 65+ legally again.
in MD 55 was the speed limit everywhere! It has been a while since I have posted on this board, good to see some familiar faces. Captain, we'll have to meet up some time so I can say hello to the the maker of "the oracle":D and that goes for all those here in OKC, I will say this though. I'm not one for group rides, and by group rides, I mean rides with more than 4 or 5 people. Group inertia is a *****, and after 4 people there tends to be a villiage idiot that tags along and makes things uncomfortable.