mountain ride

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
Headed for Marion this Sat. to ride the diamondback and some of the parkway and surrounding area. Meet up in Lincolnton at 9am at the Petro Express at hwy 321 and 150. Moderate pace but no one will be left behind. I can meet anyone on the way or any of the areas we will be riding in.
Have Fun, We'll have to plan something in the next month or so, Give me time to plan :laugh:
I'd love to ride with you again. Followed a guy last weekend all around Mitchell county, all backroads, curvy as heck. I was on the sides of my tires more than the center= :thumbsup:. I have that ride saved on my gps. Several of the roads I'll be taken tomorrow. Check this one out, it's one of them The Diamondback Motorcycle & Sportscar Route
Looks like some GREAT Riding, Tell me when I loaded up the Trailer and make a weekend out of it..
That will be fun! Keep on bringing these ride Plans/Dates. I'll make one of 'em soon!