Mission Motorcycles

05 Busa LE

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Pretty cool electric superbikes. Prices start at $30,000, and the specs on the various versions are impressive. https://www.mission-motorcycles.com/r

Interesting. I have driven new Tesla and the torque is what makes electric appealing. There is no weight given for the bike on any page. Torque is what makes big bore bikes so special to drive and the electric motor has more torque than a busa from 0 rpm.

The weight is a much more important spec on a bike than a car.

Cool looking Cool Technology but I couldn't justify dropping 30large+ on an electric bike..... you could buy a brand new busa tricked out and turbo'd out the wazoo or BMW or hell even a Panigale for that type of jack :whistle:
I read and looked at the whole site and i didnt see any weight at all either. I also didnt see where it would say how long it takes this thing to charge. Though i like that it takes regular 110 or 240 if ya like. I am curious on charge time for sure though. If it takes 10 hours to charge after 200 miles of riding thats a waste. Now if it will charge in like 30 min while i eat super or lunch i would be into it for sure.
this bad girl weighs as much as the busa. hour or so for a full charge true range according to vid is only round 100 miles. decent but not realistic for the everyday rider.
Not to mention that rechargeable batteries lose capacity over time so the more you ride it and the more you recharge the battery it's life will slowly diminish and judging by the price of the bike I don't even wanna know how much a replacement battery costs :hide:
^^^ that for sure i bet its crazy it is for cars.....
Agreed, but they've come a long way. Sure would be a good promotional tool if they had one available on a track day for people to test.