Harley Livewire Priced at $29,799. lol

Motorcycles are primarily considered a recreation vehicle. I’d be concerned once the majority of the Big Auto companies all steer toward electric. When the cars all go the bikes will follow. Gonna be a long ways off till that becomes a reality tho....

Just a matter of time but it could be sooner rather than later. We will have a lot more "battery" powered stuff when the next power storage breakthrough happens. That's the main issue holding back green energy, vehicles, and back-up power, etc. There are a lot of smart people working on the problem because who ever is the first to crack that nut is going to be a billionaire.
Meanwhile in England...
I got to thinking about the whole H-D thing. Here we have an American motorcycle company who was one of the first producing motorcycles. When H-D started making motorcycles most of the motorcycle companies of today didn't exist. Suzuki started life making silk for export in 1909.

H-D has been loyal to their customers and still make the bikes their customers want, for them to venture into another market is huge and has so far not been successful.

I for one, hope they make a go of this venture and succeed where others have failed-making a production E bike that has range and reliability.

In this day and age of almost everything going off-shore for production, we need to keep the core companies who stay in North America and support them.