Metal Screens


Hey Y'all,
Bought my busa a few months and found this board not too long ago.  Thanks for all the great info - and thanks for the guys who posted the thread about putting metal screens on all the fairing "ports".  Finally did mine this weekend.  Not too bad a project - about $30 for the materials.  
Now on to more $$$ mods.  Thanks again. :D

I bought the screen from O'Reilly Auto Store - it was on sale for $29. Also avail on other colors. I've heard of others finding a roll of it at Home Depot for like $4, but I had no luck. The screen was in the "sporty" car section, came in one sheet about 8" by 36". Plenty for a bike. Also pick up some clear 100% silicon in a tube and tin snips to cut the stuff.
Take off the fairings and cut the pieces, oversized, and then form them to fit around the lip of the openings. You will need to bend/form them quite a bit to fit. Sorry, but I didn't take any pics of teh process...
Once you have them fitted, put them in place and secure them to the fairings with the silicon.
Takes about 1-2 hours total - good luck.
- ChiChi