Memorial day


Now that memorial day is over I hope everyone got home ok and all the bikes are in good condition. I went down to Myrtle Beach and had a great time. One of the things I noticed was the number of Busa's on the street. Seems like since the MPH war is officially over that the Busa reigns supreme on the east coast. Even my two hard core dedicated Kaw buddies have decided to get busas. Which is a good thing, because i'm tired of having to slow down to find em in my rear view mirror

Anyway hope you all had a great weekend


Good weekend. It's geting old explaining what a Busa is to Harley riders. The amped Harley's put out around 100hp maybe, oh boy is that fast or what? A Busa is what a Busa does.
had a great weekend. lots of "low-key" riding. law enforcement was out in full affect looking for motorcycles in the Bay Area. all the favorite roads were being heavily patroled.

still got some riding in and am happy to say body and bike in good condition. no crash stats to report with any of my friends!!

hope all went well with my fellow BUSA riders!!!
Lo, right on about the LAW. Not the time to twist and shout. Left town on Friday at 2:00PM and seen 20 Cops in a 60 mile section, normally no problem.
Glad everyone is safe.

Glad to hear that body and bike are safe and sound.
Last friday i took a 350 miler....had a close call with a ford exploder..i thought he might not have seen me....i jammed on the brakes before he started to pull out..then he stopped....
because i thought he might pull out i was ready..and did have enough space to stop even lf he didn't..whew!!
Ride safe ya'll.. especially in Woodfords Ca.