Massive windscreen

I feel bad - this is my second 'I saw it but can't remember where' post in as many days... A couple days back on the web I saw a massive windscreen for the busa that fits literally over the top of the stock windscreen and that allegedly can be added/removed in ten minutes. It was very tall. Looked great for touring. Has anybody seen it? I went back through my history, a billion searches on google... no sign.
Yep - that's it. That 'bonded' thing makes me nervous now I read it more carefully - like the strip couldn't be removed without ripping up the paintwork maybe. I wouldn't mind a taller windscreen for occasional touring, I guess it'll have to be Zero Gravity.
I've been told by many a TL1K that on the TL's especially the DB leaves a line burnt into your guages!!
Anyone had problems like this?

Try, they have them the cheapest.
I wonder how secured that BONDED STRIP is gonna be at speed? And how that strip is gonna look when you don't have the overscreen on?
? I have a zero gravity Sport touring screen thats good up to about 125mph. And I can change out screens in about 15 minutes, with nothing bonded to the front of my baby

I subscribe to one of the British mags and they did a write up on all of the Pyramid products a while back. They took it up to 130-135 mph. and commenyed that it cut through the wind like the space shuttle and made your busa look like one to. This thing was massive, not my style! Todd
yeesh. I would go with the sport touring Zero Gravity instead of that rig. I use the ZG sport touring and I'm 6'4", and it works awesome and looks great. I've taken it up to 180+mph, and it works awesome


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