Luggage racks?


Anybody know were I can find a luggage rack for the Hayabusa - like for a tail bag? Seems like most after market stuff is performance, how about touring accessories?
AH MAN ,NOBODY REPLIED YET shame on you guys -I bet if it was performance related................Anyhoo Ventura bikeracks or something .....I know i'm an idiot but askjeeves Ventura Bike and i'm sure you'll find it interesting ...rewievs have been good for this product I will buy it as soon as I can afford $300.....M'kay
Thanks, your right if its performance there's a ton, but touring come on, get a gold wing? No I don't want one of those - well maybe a mint 70's 1000 for $1,200 for just fun.
Hank - I've been looking into that as well. Haven't found a lot in the way of actual Luggage RACKS (been thinking about getting an extra grab rail and welding something up!!); however, there is a LOT of luggage out there that works for the 'Busa. I could email you my links if you want.
With 49,000 miles of touring on my Busa, I think I have tried almost everything. Ventura does make a system for the Busa, as does zenrail. I just used the ventura sport rack and RKA saddlebags till this year. Then I got a complete Givi wingrack setup off a friends FJ1200. I made brackets by using my ventura sportrack mounts since givi does not make them. If you have an aluminum subframe, be careful. Mine just broke up in Laconia.
Looks like the Givi is the best if you can get them to fit. I need to customize them so they fit my Busa (2002 model)? Sounds like a lot of screwing around?
Five Stars offers Busa spesific rack system, so there is not needed any modifications (just bolt on) and you can use Givi's luggages with it.

Givi use to offer also Busa spesific racks, but they stopped because of the broken subframe issue. Well that's not issue anymore if you have -01 or -02 model Busa or steel subframe in -99/-00 model. So, there might be some chance to get also Givi's Busa spesific rack.