Lucky or talented


They dont fall because: a) they are very lucky b) they are very talented

wobbles and best saves in MotoGP[/url]
Those are hand picked cases when riders managed to save. They crash quite a lot for a period of a few seasons, especially in the wet. There could easily be another video where every rider crashes. So, to answer the question - neither.
Dang, I had to stop watching or lose all confidence! A fair number of those wobbles had no discernible cause. I can say that I would have lost it in some of those, so I'd say skill and luck played a part.
most of the wobbles if you look close where caused by wheel spin. Some on the frt caused by lack of traction
On several of these, you can see them lift up the butt and twist the throttle (more obvious on the ones that resulted in a wheelie) to get out of it quickly. Those guys are skilled.

The ones where it wobbles, feet come off the pegs and they end up not crashing, those guys were lucky.