lowering kits

Check ebay under hayabusa, you can usually find the dog bones for $35 new polished alum. as for the fronts, I'm still trying to figure out how to lower the front without straps, and in such a way i can keep my helibars. If any body has any suggestions let me know
There are a bunch of sites that sell the lowering links, I have the solid 3-hole links from Schnitz.  Not trying to cut into your sale BADZXELEVEN, but I've been told that the adjustable links can be tricky to adjust.  If there not adjusted equally they can cause you problems.

Here are a few more links where you can find the lowering links:
I understand.
I have had them on my ZX-11 for over 2 years without 1 single problem.

You gotta understand tho.
There are jacklegs on the internet that can't check air pressure in their tires also.
I made my rear link...Found a straight piece of alum. from a farm supply shop...$8 measured the first hole as standard, the second and third...Actually made two sets...
I have a cousin who just put dogbones on his ZX9 and he seems to love them. He said it was a fairly easy job to put on and he hasn't had any problems so far.