Looking for small exhaust


So as the title says im looking for a small exhaust. I currently have a yoshi full exhaust but im not a fan of the huge can on the side. I found the one in the link below but my question is can i just pull my can off and slip this on? i dont know how loud it would be or if it would work, if you have other ideas im all ears, im just wanting something small and kind of hidden.

Suzuki GSX1300R GSXR Hayabusa Exhaust motogp Tips busa R1 R6 zx harley by dropem631

that sounds mean as hell! i like it but i wish it didnt expand at the end to make it such a big tip. The link i posted its the same diameter all the way out and stops right at the foot peg. Do you ever melt your shoes on the exhaust? I wear 13 shoe so i feel like id melt my heel.
I'm a 13 , 14 guy. Once in a great while my foot will make contact but I can place my hand on that can when I park it. It doesn't get as hot as the rest of the pipe by design. I was surprised. You can also opt for the AlienHead and they come in black, but they're all badazz
Yea both exhausts sound and look great, i was just hoping to achieve the look i was wanting for $10 rather than $1000 lol. but i dont know if those tips will slip on over my yoshi, or if my yoshi even pieces together where the tip would stay nice and hidden. And how bad/good would it sound? almost worth $10 just to answer the question :/
Measure it and go to advance auto and buy an exhaust tip and clamp. :dunno: That's your $10 solution
true...may just pull the can off and see how it sounds before spending money, if it sounds like garbage ill just re-think the idea and maybe go with brock's instead
Just found the voodoo exhaust. looks exactly like what im looking for. Sounded pretty good in the video i saw of it too? Anyone have complaints about it?
It's a lot of money for an exhaust tip you could buy at advance auto, that's why I made the statement.
Take the can off. Run just the mid pipe. Slash cut it to the length you desire.
Shorten the Yosh can. I cut my Akros down to 9".

I made an exhaust for my 954rr when I had it, VooDoo is nice, but waaaaayyyyy too expensive. lets see if I can upload the video of it on here, I went to JEGS.com and bought these tips for $24 a piece. welded them on the mid pipe and I got enough hits, I had a guy buy the exhaust off of me. was better than the VooDoo, and it ran on the two brothers race map on my old power commander.
re make of the video of my home made exhaust. - YouTube