looking for good photoshop help...


Basically here is my motorcycle


here is a picture of the net of my motorcycle


I gave you those 2 as I think they maybe the closest angles I can find for my request.

Here is a hayabusa that is themed based on the rockstar moto gp is using


I went online and asked a few people on car forums to see if they can do a couple things

To give me an idea what this theme would look like on my bike…

Thing is if you notice my rear tail/seat section is different… as the project bike…..

I’m basically not going that far and choosing to keep my seat and tail the same way…

So this is what I got in return to give you an idea…




as you can see its not bad but still kinda rough….

I was actually looking to have the section where the

Signal lights are in black like in this pic where the decal is


along with the lower section in black the rest of it white then the same

blue section across that back tail

for example look at this pic


the white on the side rear should all be black from the foot peg by where those “eagle feathers end†around that white section to the end….

Then the black part on that bike should be all white

Then the white stripe at the top should be blue…

i'm sure you all are like omg what a obsessed request lol


haybusa pic and worked with it and decided to see if we can do it like this….

Thanks again.
i'm sure you all are like omg what a obsessed request lol


Foghoon Leghoon
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I am not very good in Photochop. Looks like you are doing fine.:thumbsup:
Let us know when you get the final look.