Lookie what I built


Sweet man...Good Idea....I here they sell these metal things called ramps that are pretty light and seem to work really well too...Just an idea though...

Nice work though..I would be way to lazy though.... :beerchug:


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:thumbsup:Great idea!!! I will have to look into something like that when I get some time and some extra cash.. :thumbsup:


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I'm going to do something similar at my house.

LOL, for now though I cheat a bit. there's what appears to be an abandoned car dealership a few blocks from work and I get one of the guys to ride with me over there. then I back up to the elevated concrete display (lines up perfectly with my tailgate) and unload it from there. then it's a quick ride to my apartment.

so far no one has said anything so I will use it until the owners either 1) catch me or 2) sic LEO on me. :whistle:

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