Look we have a new member


The milkman cometh!!!
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So, I talked the my little lady in to signing up. She just did.
here name is BBB. (we wont get in to what that really means:whistle:) she picked it not me.

And since we LOVE pictures I thought I would post up for her.
Yes that is a Harley Jacket. Her gear for the Busa is on order and should be here today.
Please help me welcome my sweet loving lady to the family.
Man I am sooooooooooo dead

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Sorry forgot to rotate:laugh:

Ummm - I was gonna say that I fixed it for ya...but Nevermind. LOL --Omar
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Hey, Lynn! Welcome to the family!


Look forward to meeting you in Reno! And riding with you again the following weekend in Wisconsin!
Thanks Omar. You and Michelle ROCK. You guys are on top of us.:whistle::rofl:
Nice ah...ah.... jacket ! I think I figured out what BBB stands for ! Welcome to the org ! Maybe you can talk Lurch into coming down to Eureka Springs this weekend ?

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:welcome:Welcome to the org, triple B!! :welcome: And K, it would be great to meet you guys in Eureka!! :whistle: (how's the job thing going?) Have a good 'un! :beerchug:
Why thank you all for such a warm welcome. The main reason I joined up is that I think I'll need all the support I can get dealing with this lunatic you fondly refer to as Lurch.

Sorry babe...no offense. :)
Welcome BBB.... Kevo said I would like you... but not like in THAT way... or at least he hopes not.. :rofl:

Now we just need to get you on your own bike (sorry I am a ranting feminist against women riding BEEOTCH).... until then I know Kevin likes his passengers with long hair... :whistle:

My husband created a monster when he dragged me here kicking and screaming. :laugh:

Hope you guys can make it to Eureka!!
Kevin neglected to mention that I have a bike. It's not a Busa. How do y'all like me now?
Kevin neglected to mention that I have a bike. It's not a Busa. How do y'all like me now?

:cheerleader::cheerleader: dang men.. always leaving out the details... woot woot!! now... PICS.... its in the :rulez:
Jules, Here is her bike. Soon to be Moded beyond belief.
She goes to the MSF class starting this weekend.

New bike so no pics of me on it yet. Just put a new solo seat on. Sorry KB, no riding beyotch for you.

Dang 3 we even post the same pics at the same time. Freaky.
we have 4 picture of the bike and notice that great minds think alike and post the exact same one.:laugh::beerchug: