Local rider and active forum member passes.

Blanca BusaLess

Suffers from PBSD
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Logged into our local forum here and see one of our active members passed yesterday in a bike accident on the hgwy. He was just posting yesterday and now at 24yrs old he's gone.....


Just a simple reminder to always remember it can end in an millisecond.
Never leave the home angry, never leave anything untied, always tell as many as you can you love them before you hit the dusty trail for it may be the last time you see them.

Be safe....
Sorry, for a moment I thought you meant a .org member. RIP to the rider.
my condolences to his family and friends. not something i like to read/hear about but it's reality.
Sad to see such a young mate loose his life.

Underneath the vehicle in front of him most likely means he was on the deck before impact. Effective braking skills has a way of eluding most of us but as this thread indicates, the ability to burn off speed effectively is a skill that can easily safe your life!

Rest in peace Alex!