LM-2 and Inductive Clamp

Was a little unsure where the best place to post this was, since I mostly post in the Turbo section, but...

I have the LM-2 working properly with the Throttle Position Sensor. Now I'm trying to get proper RPM readings which were unsteady and all over the place so I purchased the Inductive Clamp. Now I get no reading at all... shows 0 all the time.

I did change the RPM Configuration to use the Inductive Clamp and it's set to use 2 Pulses per Revolution but I get nothing. I have the Inductive Clamp on the #1 Injector Grey/White wire which is where I thought it was before. The turbo setup makes it too difficult to get to the coil wires which is why I've been using the injector wire.

Not sure where I'm going wrong here. Any help?


Hayabusa Immortal
Staff member
Use the injector pulse directly for the RPM. If you have another channel free run the same wire to it so you can configur it to monitor the duty cycle. You don't need the inductive clamp using the injector pulse. I've been running mine that way a couple of years.

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