Kudos to Guy at Tiger Racing


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I just got done installing my Airtech+6 tail section and Tiger Racings extended undertail. here's a link: https://www.hayabusa.org/forum/busa-mods/177254-how-install-6-airtech-tail-section.html . The only hard part was figuring where to cut the end but I got it down and anyone needing a copy of the template I made can PM me. The undertail section bolted up perfectly I also installed the NEW 24V automatic starting system he is selling . Its very easy to install and if you have a bigbore bike you WILL want this, What a difference!
Actually - the new 24V starting system just got better! The newest versions will come with a few added safety features that guarantees you wont be left stranded. Pictures coming to an Org near you!
LOL - Frisbee has pics posted of his setup in another thread. I am waiting on some materials to show up but there will be plenty of pics coming soon!

2 new safety features - First will address an issue with using batteries of different size. Small battery will drain the larger battery when not in use for long periods of time.
Second will be a total system bypass which will allow you to turn the entire 24V system off and use the main battery as a standalone 12 volt system. This will protect you in the event (fingers crossed it never happens!) of a system malfunction that would prevent the bike from starting, be it harness or 2nd battery failure.
I got pics but you need to click my link to see the thread. Why does the 24 volt show up as a link ? Thats not it . You will see the system in my pics
The new and improved 24v start/charge system is another innovation for your bike. The safety system and bypass system is everything you could want in a solid, well built electrical item. Tiger Racing will continue to bring new and innovative products to the market. Hope to see everyone at the Final ECTA event in Wilmington with the running of the Worlds Fastest Street Bike Shootout.