Just got my first Hayabusa...


got my first hayabusa wednesday night! i absofreakinlutely LOVE this thing. its my first bike over 600 but due to getting tired of riding curves and selling my R6 in January i decided i wanted a stretched/lowered 750-1000... so i "settled" for this Busa. its a '07 all black

Brocks Hindle Exhaust
No Cut Frame Sliders
Brocks Clutch Spring Spacers
Clutch Slave Cylinder Support
K&N Filter/Airbox Mod
43 Tooth Rear Sprocket
Lowered 1" front 2" rear
Extended 9inches
200mm Shinko Stealth Rear Tire
Black Powder Coated Foot Pegs
Black Levers
Black Gas Cap
Black Brake Calipers
Tinted Screen
Tinted Brake Light, And Turn Signals
Fairing Bolts Replaced With Black Spikes

for my 165# ass its a LOT of motorcycle to handle lol.


those pics all suck but its all i have for right now, i ordered a set of sprockets for it today hopefully i can get them on by next weekend :) im ready to get it the full stretch. i never wanted to get a long bike but i fell in love with this one...