Jdog's video History and Set up


I made this flick because many of you keep asking about my set up. Real simple I run 5 bullet cameras off my Interceptor while riding. I am able to run 6 cameras but i have not found another mounting spot yet but I have a idea.

I have shown a little history from where I started to my current set up. This video is not a fast ride but more of what equipment I used and what currently equipment I used.

It shows the angles of each camera and it location, also size lens im using.It list where to buy and what software I use for editing

I do solo rides and group rides. Email me when you are ready to make your ride video.


thank you to all who have for supporting me over the years, and we hope to make many more videos

Ceptor Cinomatic - Ventura, CA, United States, Sportbike Club Video - Brought to you by 2 Wheel Tuner magazine

Jeff R. / Jdog109socal