Isle of Man TT - Senior TT on Radio


The Senior TT is on radio for anyone who is interested. There's also live timing online here. Click the radio button on the left.
TT Live

There is currently a delay in racing due to an incident on track (red flag) but it should get going again in the next hour or so. Enjoy!
I, we are really fortunate to have same day(delayed) coverage of the Awesome action over there.
Hats of to the discovery channel, aka Velocity in my neck of the woods for the coverage.
It isn't live stream, but a condensed version of the races with on board footage, incredible slow motion and good commentary. Truly amazing watching that skill level and the sheer balls to pilot a 200 mph bike around the Isle.

I'm a big J. McGuiness fan but hats off to #6 Michael Dunlop....:bowdown: kicking booty and taking names.

Even Valentino Rossi said "fak" this is crazy.....:laugh: