Insuring a Busa in the UK.


Calling all UK owners where is the best place to insure your Busa?

I am currently with Swinton Bikes and according to Mr Aleksandr Orlof and Sergai they are still the cheapest.

I am considering having a Datatool S4 Red fitted to her during its pre delivery (It's a brand new GSX1300R Limited Edition)

Any advice would be kindly received.

Dr Rob
I see you've looked at compare the market.
I've looked at so many comparison sites, but these and go compare seem to be the best.

I've got the Datatool S4 Red on my bike.
And a Disc lock.

I've got a 2011 Busa.

This year I went with MCE insurance I've got 2 years no claims, and got fully comp for £249 for 15 months.
I think Bennetts was second cheapest.

After you get a quote on the comparison site, you could phone them up, thats what I did as MCE had already sent me a E-mail with the 15 month deal, and I wanted to find out if I could get the web price plus the extra 3 months.

Watch out as the quote I got on the comparison site from MCE didn't include a pillion.
It was only a bit extra.
Plus you get RAC basic breakdown cover, and helmets and leathers cover.

The thing is the prices on these sites change all the time, one week it's one company who's cheapest the next week it's someone else.

Anyway congrats on the new bike.
MCE are probably the cheapest but watch their excess...can be as high as £1000 and often don't give legal or breakdown cover
I can get a totally stock 2012 alarm or anything for £250 FC...New 2013 is more as its over the £10k threshold that many companies penalise you for.
A local broker did a better deal for me with a lower excess for only £15 more than MCE etc.