Ice storms

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I saw on the news that the Midwest and the Northeast got hit with some pretty bad weather. How did everybody come through it?
Hey Bren,

Glad to hear from you again buddy. Seems like the "family" is back together again. Well, we are starting to get some cold weather here in Louisiana. It was 39 degrees this morning while I was on my way to work. Gets to around mid 60's during the day. Will get colder this weekend. We are expecting the lower 20's. How's that for living in the South?

Just missed Atlanta. Ice-storm did hit North Carolina, so I hope that guys like Dezzy, shoeio, and gaprider are doing ok. The ice-storm was taking down trees and powerlines, so I'm sure some people had their homes damaged from collapsing trees.
It missed me up here in N. GA. I hope everyone else was so fortunate.
We got hit good in eastern KY. My power was off Thurs. morning before I got up and came on in the wee hours of Fri. morn. Spent the night at the in-laws. HELP!!!!!

Funny - it's not the mom-in-law I got any problem with. I actually like her. Dad-in-law lives a little farther away and no prob. Siblings though - I just don't understand.
I have Headline News on in the background and it says the Carolinas still have ice and power outtages (sp). I'm glad it missed you guys.

Nice to see you again BA

All you guys stay warm!
Hey thanks for remebering Ben. We got lucky here in Knoxville, all we got was rain ,but everybody around us got it pretty bad. Hope Dezzy , and gaprider made it through
Before I came on here I used to see the bad weather reports and think, wow that's too bad. Now it's like...Jeez I know people who live there! I hope they're ok!