I bet this hurt........

That return to earth is gonna leave a big ol fat mark. sucks to be him in about 1/2 second
Caption for pic 1: "Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts"

Caption for pic 2: "4...3...2...1...liftoff"

Hope those guys are OK
How about:

1. Who in the hell put this alligator pit here!?
2. Houston. We have a problem...
The first one looks like he bailed off at the right time. If the feet or legs hit the bars on the way over he would be farther forward. (heals over head)

Oh yeah, OUCH!


ok ok

Pic #1 Up Up and Away !!!!

Pic #2 Hey guys WATCH THIS !!!

..................who you calling squid ??
These guys remind me of a friend who - whenever he said "hey guys, watch this" - ended up in the hospital. One time he was moving into a new house and his stuff was in a semi trailer about 4-5 feet off the ground. He found his bike in the stuff and said "hey guys, watch this". Just as he rode it off the trailer, his foot slipped of the peddle and the front end tucked down. Splat! Another trip to the hospital.
Hey Waterbug,

It's funny that you should post those pics. This guy that lives in my hometown just traded in his '02 SE Busa for the '03 Gixx1000. He lost money big time, because he already started modding the bike up. He had the "top gun" undertail on it with a set Yosh carbon pipes. He also had a set of carbon look frame sliders. Bike was lowered in front and rear (he's pretty short guy). Anyway, as luck would have it...only 3 days after getting the 1000, he crashed it in the exact same way as the picture of the roll-back wheelie. Another funny (if you can call this all funny...) thing is that the bike was the exact same color. Do I think it's him? Nah! Probably not. Just strikes me funny that you post that pic.

BTW, guess what the reason was why he traded the Busa in on the 1000
? He said that he couldn't get the Busa to wheelie. When he told me that at the bike shop the other day, all I could do was laugh.