How to record a map help needed?


Want to get out and explore some local roads. How do you record a route on google maps? If I go out, can I turn on google maps and have it record my route? I see people post up routes and I wanted to try do that.
Some of the GPS units save routes as you ride. I generally map out the route in Google Maps before the ride. I guess if you have something with GPS and Google maps there should be a way to save it.
I got it figured out ( had to create it on a pc or laptop because you can't create one from your phone or tablet) but it I'm unable to retreive my saved map on my android phone using the google maps app. Google disabled the ability to see your saved places in the app.:banghead: The only way for me to see my saved map is to go into my web browser and look at google maps web page, sign in and then pull up my saved map.

Unfortunately, it will not be tracing my movement like it does with the maps app so I can get live detailed views of the road I'm on at the time.