how much for 2007 fairings?

You might checkout one of the aftermarket companies, fastfairings comes to mind, normally they are around $900 for a full set.
Depending on what all you need complete oem factory set any color scheme , use your bolts and grommets $3800-$4200 tyd in the lower 48
I found a complete set, rear bubble and all for $250.00
all black, one hold in on of the side fairing but that's it. That was a good deal !!
Well black shows scratches easily and cannot get swirl marks out so was seeing which cost more painting or replacing.most likely rear cowl
how much for the stock fairings for a black 2007 hayabusa.and where can i get them.

I bought both undercowl panels from riverrat motorsports in kingman az for $580 each a couple years ago. shipped free. local dealer wanted $750 per side.
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