How do I install new wind screen


I am having trouble installing my new windscreen. Does anyone know where I can find out how to make the change? I checked the owners manual and nothing
Umm. It is really straight forward. Just remove the bolts and the stock screen, then reverse the process. Voila!
There should be 2(ea) fasteners on each side of the windscreen. When you undo (each sides fasteners) a piece of rubber with an insert is left behind. Be very carefull when you pry the fairing and windscreen apart. Sometimes the little rubber inserts will fall down into the underfairing. Not a problem as they should be retrievable. Should you have to undo the black button head speed connectors, remember all thats necessary to remove these is to take a small pointed object (I used an allen wrench) and press the center button in. This should release the fastener, now just pry the whole thing out with something very flat (small screwdriver). The whole process is about 1/2 BPH (Beers per hour). Be sure to apply tape to the bottom of your new windscreen.
Hope this helps, without my bike setting right here I can't remember all the specifics.
One last thing, when you tighten the fasteners the rubber inserts will expand. Do not over tighten!
Thanks for all your help. it was just hard for me to believe that there were only two screws holding it in place

Keep the rubber side down