HMF exhaust & yosh EMS


I am getting ready to purchase HMF dual high mount exhaust and a yosh EMS, I dont want to have the bike dyno tuned until i get some other thing on it that will have a greater effect. IS there anywhere I can find a map? If there isnt one, I will leave things be for a while. But, i hope someone knows.
Dont get the EMS dude, go with the PC3R. Better yet, theres this thing called the tekka box that everybody is yelling about over here. might wanna give that a look.
EMS syatem and PC3 uses same maps

But, after looking things up and doing some research, thanks to a friends advice, im probly going to go with a Teka SFI
that is unless someone has some solid info that would turn me away from it.....
Yep both are the same.
On the TEKA I just wish someone would get one and do it correctly with some real results.
still not total convinced by seat of the pants tuning.
Serria Flyer when you getting done?
Its not exactly a seat of your pants dyno...

to do the tuning you have to do it while the bike is in idle, and also while either riding it or on a dyno, or maybe even on a rear stand (if its even possible, but im sure its been tried). The bad part is tuning it properly require you to snap the throttle in first (i think thats what the instructions say) and on a busa, it wouldnt be very good unless you feel like doing very high wheelies :o and to check if it did a good job you would have to goto a dyno to be sure.

The thing with me is, I dont want to get it to make the bike run perfect and at maximum horsepower, I want the bike to run how i want it to, without running too rich or too lean.

I have just heard many bad things about the PC3R hurting performance rather than helping.

Here is actually how you tune the bike:
been there read that.
I have tuned many bikes with PC2 and PC3 and EMS.
they all work period.
The problem is why most people think they don't is they are not mapped.Most are shared and downloaded maps.
No two bike are the same just like people. your shoes may fit but they might not be comfortable.
Also no matter what system none add HP it is a byproduct of proper tuning.
they key to a smooth bike is a dyno with sniffer and a TUNER that know how to use the tools they have.
So which do you recommend to get? I can get any of them, So which would be the best to get. Also can I modifly the map on my computer with the yosh ems and PC3R?