i just got my dual hi mount exhaust today and the guys at apexmoto and i did the install. all we had were problems with it. it ended up taking about 8 hours! first off they didnt send any instructions, no exhaust clamps, no springs for the header to cross over pipe, and no other hardware. the only thing that actually fit good was the headers to the motor. the collectors to the crossover pipe didnt fit so we had to notch it to make it fit the best we could. then the cans and the bracket they attach to wouldnt fit right. it would either be up against the swingarm or would have a real loose connection along the pipes somewhere. we did get them on pretty much after aboput 8 hours but every connection had a leak. so tomorrow i have to go to yosh and get some exhaust clamps and 2 springs ( i had to safety wire the stuff together temporarily) so my question is has anyone else had so many problems with an exhaust? the guys at apexmoto said they never have seen poop like that b4.. but they were great and accomplished what i thougth was gonna be impossible after we started running into problems.. on another note.. they look great and sound great but damn for all the pain in the ass they were they better!!