Hmf exhaust manifold leak.

Don Hardcastle

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Ok guys/gals,
I have the system installed. The 3rd header pipe from the left is leaking a little bit at the block. I have taken it off and put it back on to make sure that it was seated good. Still a little pfft pfft. Any suggestions.

Anxiously waiting.


BTW if you have an idea and want to call, PM me and I will shoot you my digits.

Thanks in advance
When you took the header off, did you notice any nicks, gouges or other imperfection that might let some pressure through?
before you pull it off to look at it, try to find where the leak is at the connection...a long, thin strip of paper will usually do the trick...slowly run it around where the pipe connects to the block until the leak "puffs" the paper...mark the spot with a piece of chalk and it will give you a better idea of where to start looking after you have it off

I got the header leak found and fixed. I have 4 other exhaust leaks that have been identified. There is one at every clamp (which is basically at each end of the "S" pipe. After work today I will be pulling the "S" pipes, using some 400 Grit sand paper on the ends to clean it real well, then adding Ultra copper high temp silicone to each one of those spots to see if I can cure all my little "PFFT PFFT".

I loaded the Power Commander map for the mods that I have (HMF High Mount 4
1:2, small air box mod, aftermarket filter and TRE). With the bike running on the stand, it seems to run very very rich. I will get it out on the road this afternoon, weather allowing.