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Got this strange busa-ridin' woman hangin' out with us in our house.


Funny how people just show up in the middle of the night.............. LOL

Do I win a prize if I guess correctly??

Is it LCB?? ;)

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Sexiest woman alive IMO 1 -3, 3 being the best:laugh:
Woman playing softball
Woman playing pool
Woman riding a busa. :cheerleader:
LCB it is. And not only that, Lamb showed up this afternoon too! Go figure.


that's a great set of peeps! now, where are the pics?!?!?! :thumbsup:
No occasion. No pics. Eh. Maybe I'll take a pic when she rides back around and picks up the car and trailer. :-)

Doing well, Pac. Just kickin' back. I'm still not a lawyer but I'd play one on T.V. if someone would put me in front of a camera. :D

How 'bout you? Anything new on your side of the planet?

Here is one of LCB heading home to Delaware from Arkansas!


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