Some time ago I've red a post about those bulbs so i decided to bought them, I went on:
and I choosed the Eaglite 9005 100w ( Hi beam for Busa ).
I did all. But after a couple of days they told me that they don't ship to Italy!!! So they refunded my money and made me sad, I was waiting those bulbs like the rain in the desert!!!
Can anybody buy the bulbs for me and send them in Italy???!!!
I'll send you the money first.
Please make me happy!!
giopapy, from previous threads it has been indicated that the 100W Xeon bulbs will melt you bulb housings pretty quick. I went with the 55/60 stock replacement Xeon Superwhites from

Just a thought.

Italy, whew. Maan he's right, 100watts will melt your plug that plugs on the bulb like it did mine. If you were in the states Id tell ya to get an HID lighting system. It's 3 times brighter than those painted 100W bulbs your looking at and their only 35 watts and true blue. Check the european cars overthere you should be able to get an HID ballast, socket and bulb pretty reasonable. No more than $250.00 for the purest best headlight in the world.