Heavy Duty Rear Shock Spring


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well at the moment i have the busa at 1" low but i would like to use the 2 hole on the 3 hole dog bone but i rub on bumps. i have already tried adjusting the rear spring i think i have almost have it compressed all the way but i could be wrong. i herd that theirs a Heavy Duty Rear Shock Spring but i googled it with no luck anyone know where can i get one? like i said im a big guy and i dont ride 2up at all but i would like to be lower without having to strut.
We have a lot of board sponsors. Just a matter of time until one chimes in.
You could pm golden child, Daniel will have it or know where to get it!
I can respring one for you with a 1100 lb spring and you should be good to go.lmk...Thanks 05busale