I know this thread has been done before. I'm just to lazy to look.

What is the Xenon headlight that fits the Busa.
I know not to get the 100 watt bulbs(they melt the plastic).
Part # please.
Thanks FATJAP.

p.s. since I have the bike apart(aka SKELETOR) I figured I would change them. THANKS
H7 and 9005, I think.  That is the form.

Like these:

Hey thanks bro. I finally did research and the low beam is an H7 and the high beam is a 9005 and then its just wattage and color. THANKS
At the web site given above the 9005 is a 100watt bulb - does this melt the plastic or is it OK to use.

Please advise as I want ot order asap.
Tinman, that is a 100watt bulb. The 100watt bulbs do not melt the plastic as much as they are over wattage. The heat build up w/friction causes the wiring to overheat thus melting the plastic plug that plugs onto the bulb itself. This causes loss of light as well as potential fire hazzard. Go with an HID before you go with 100watt bulbs. Cost more but 3X the light. Candle in hand vs police spot light in comparrison.

Be careful with the high wattage bulbs. I melted a dime sized blister in my high beam cover by installing a 65W "All-weather" (yellow) bulb. Stock is 65Watts so I figured I was safe. WRONG! The yellow bulb is hotter in infra-red light which is heat. It was enough to melt the cover.
I agree the high watts are bad news. I'm just wanting the blue color so I went to an auto parts
store and got a H7 for low(55 watt) and a 9005 for high(65 watt).

For brighter lights get an HID system.
My boy Ice sell them for $200 to 250 I think, they are worth the investment, he has sold several here and on the other Busa site just ask around. Just email him or give him a Pm