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OK a simple one for you Busa Masters out there. What is the easiest way to turn off the headlight? Is there a fuze? Remove the bulb? Need to get it off for the upcoming track day that I am going to attend.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
On the left side, under the dash/inner, disconnect the 6-pin connector going to the cowling and you're done. You might have to take off the left lower fairing and dash, although you might be able to get to it from either above or below if you can feel around.
Thanks a lot! What I did was get at the fuse box and pulled the fuses. Thanks for the help!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Fuse or connector is good. Pretty much the same amount of work to get to them.

You can get Euro-style control switches and you won't have to mess with that ever again. I got mine from a SH.org board member in the UK for $50 each side. I just wish the laws weren't so screwed up here and we would have switches standard. The reason for not having them is totally bone-headed, as with day-time running lights.... that and how we have the dimmest headlights in the world as to not 'blind' other drivers.