Hayabusa models or Di cast?


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I have the little grey Meistro Hayabusa but would like something larger and more detailed. I know there is a plastic model out there but does anyone know of anything else made.


Gotta bunch, 1 copper, 1 gray & 2 blues along with 20 other assorted ...

Oh...I need one of these! Haven't seen them anywhere around here...you guys order them online?
I have a 1/12 Scale Tamiya Model at home still in the box. Haven't had time for it yet though the kit kicks-Butt Accurate, right down to tire treads.
Did I see that Hawaii guy post on here, KENT how are ya man?
Sorry boyz didnt see this post again, Cappy I'm doin great.
As for the toys most came from Wal Mart and a few from Kaybee toys best part was they were about $2 each. - Aloha