Hayabusa greetings from Saudi Arabia


Hi there every body ..

this is Sami from Saudi Arabia - and I want to give you all a very cool Hayabusa greetings.

I have a 03 Silver - Grey that I take to work, and which is my joy.

I hope we can have more Busa members here from Saudi Arabia.

Thank you all for making this a wonderfull community
Welcome to the board.

Just a thought: Hayabusa and Sensei shouldn't go together in the same title.
Welcome......great looking machine......I know you'll get alot of looks and compliments because I also have the '03 silver/gray......Rocket On!

By the way.....Hows the popo over there on speedfreaks?
Welcome!  Welcome!!
Love the bike (and it's not because it's the 03 color I'm getting soon...no, I'm not biased at all!)

You picked a great place to make some new friends!
Welcome to the board,
Man, we are truly international!

To translate Techbum, how do the police treat speeders over there?
Thanks goes to all of you for this busa spirited welcome

Ninja Eater
Daddy Fatsac

cache , no .. is here at Riyadh too ?
dezzy7 , yeah thats right, its just club cars, this side of the planet we have an extremely strong sun by the way, I didn't want my baby to be exposed to so much rays, so I park it in that indoor place.

S7R4NGER  , sometimes they do I guess we truly have to be wise, and carefull when we're riding such a beauty, and enjoy it. the sensei comes from being a sensei on one area, and aiming to become a sensei in anoter thats all..

techbum ... way to go, fastest colour ! well, I guess the police on one side, but if they ride old 450 bikes, and see you coming around them they will look the other side, and pretend they haven't see you
... like last night I was riding back home, and there was this biker cop who came on my way, I just made him hear the sound of my baby, when he came right on my left side, he lost control over his bike, and faced problems deciding what he wanted to do with his transmission, it was very funny. I can assure you  

Big O , thanks for making it clear
Welcome Sami. I spent 6 months in Saudi a few years ago. My best friend grew up there. Wild countryside out there in the desert. You can keep them damn Camel Spiders though...Scariest damn things I have ever had chase me through the sand... Hopefully someday we can hope all of the politcal BS in the world will cease and maybe Saudi will open it's borders a little more. I would love to go back and be able to roam freely.

Again welcome to the board.
This is what I am talking about for those that do not know. Check out the link. A quick vid about them, pretty cool.

There is a bit of legend surrounding these things but from experiance, they make a hissing sound when aggravated, and will "Charge" if you threaten one.  Not poisonous but HUGE fangs...4 of them...
If I saw one of those in person, I'd probably just die right there and then!
Gross...never seen a spider look so nasty!
How far are you from Bahrain?
I remember tearing up the bridge that connects Saudi to Bahrain once...cops are pretty laid back...unless you meet one in Bahrain right?
anyway...take care and ride safe bud.
Welcome Sensei...

I spent a little time in Saudi - "PSAB" Prince Sultan Air Base and Arar, very hot 120F in the shade. When you get ready to modify your bike or if you just have some questions there are some really good people here that will be happy to help you.

Revlis - I ran across a few camel spiders ugly and mean. A friend of mine kept one as a pet while we were over there, we would catch mice and let the camel spider feed. This spider grew bigger than my hand. We caught a second spider about half the size of the pet spider and put them in the same cage together. The little spider took out the big one in less than a minute. The big spider was getting slow and lazy from being fed all the time.