GSXR1000 Problems

:argue: Hi guyz, I am located in Bahrain for those of you who dont know where that is, Bahrain is located off the coast of Saudi Arabia but THANK GOD we aint Connected to them!! :D  Bahrain is a small Island.
Any way I work and tune bikes here mostly GSXR's with the Yoshimura tune box and dyno. I keep coming up with this problem on 2 bikes and would really like any info/help
The F1 light comes on (on these 2 GSXR1000's) I retune the SETS (Suzuki Exhaust Tuning System) the bike becomes faster/lighter,etc in a few weeks the bike starts to stall, increases fuel consumption and each time you turn it on the SETS control box makes such a racket (zzz tak tak tak tak)
I replaced one control box on 1 bike but a few weeks later same problem, I opened the SETS control box and was kinda shocked to see small plastic wheels ( the type u'd use on an R/C car) So this is my problem, Can anyone tell me if they have faced this problem? any soultion? as i said Bahrain is an island so we are sea level so tuning should be easy.
Help Please!!!!
never heard of the problem before? lots of em around the northwest with full systems and slip ons. not sure how they are doing it but I think they remove the control unit alltogether? then remap with a TEKA? try