Hayabusa Continually Shutting Off Its Not The Kickstand Switch


I have an 06 busa I have had for years now issues are starting to come up after 10 years so I am happy to see its a dependable bike but now I am running through a lot of electrical issues. As of now when I am riding my bike shuts off no matter what gear its in and the F1 light comes on and the fuel pump cuts off. At first I believed it to be the kickstand switch but then narrowed it down to the back of the bike where there are 2 switches/relays no idea what they are but when tug on them or press on them the fuel pump immediately cuts back on and I have to keep them in a certain position so they can stay on. If anyone has an idea of what these are or what to look for please advise



Those relays didn't come with the bike and there isn't anything hooked up to them. Sounds like you have a short in your wiring harness. Put it in dealer mode with the far right harness plug in your picture and see what codes you have.


So what you have there is damaged electronics that were not placed correctly when undertail was installed . there is also chain oil fling off coating wires , relays . start by a through cleaning . some conectors may be lose . one at a time a light recrimp may help .
Now seeing as you know not what that is it would be wise to enlist the help of a qualified tech .


I dont believe those are relays but I could be wrong when i took off the plastic cover off both of them they looked like connectors I threw some brake cleaner on them and tried it out for a bit and it didnt shut off I will post a picture shortly


The ones that you can see that the prong are visible that is for my air ride those dont have anything to do with the issue they are just disconnected for easier access


Like I said, the one harness plug on the right is for dealer mode. The one on the left I have no idea, its just there. These aren't not your problem. Well maybe being pinched like that is causing a short. Take off your tail fairing and look for a short in the harness. But first take a paper clip and connect the two ends of the white plug, putting it in dealer mode. Start up your bike and look on the dash where the clock is normally you will see a fault code. If your FI light is coming on there will be a code. Look up the code and it might tell you what your problem is. Could be a lot of things. Hope this helps!

David Offor

Yep, as jermzfree said the white plug is the diagnostic plug, I think there's a procedure to put it into 'dealer mode' with a split pin.
It might be worth checking the fuel pump relay (under the left hand cover, left of the dash/clocks) it's a black one, I think there are two there, one is the pump relay.


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Ok i will say this,, i have seen a couple of the Tiger Aluminum under tails pinch the wire harness.
And that looks like what happened here.
You have 2 choices now, repair the damage or replace the harness.


That's the thing as soon as I cleaned both connectors the FI light does not come on anymore and is not having that issue I did not see any pinch or damaged wire it hasn't happen but when this issue happen before it was by the fuse box. I don't see any split or broken wires. these are the only 2 plugs that had affected the bike so the issue seems to lie here


Then maybe that was your problem. I'm not sure how grease in unused connectors could do anything like that but :confused:. Maybe trapping in moisture and causing an electrical bridge. But take the fairing off and put them back where they belong as they don't go in the under tail :lol:


Well that's the thing I don't really have a rear compartment on my truck because of the air ride maybe I can stick those cables under my seat or on the actual fairing but so far no problems after a clean maybe it was moisture since it was drizzling. Thank you guys again for the suggestions I was happy to find the issue on my own but your suggestions help


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Do you have an aftermarket clutch lever? It has been a common problem that the perch that some make is not exactly correct, and will effect the kill switch in the handlebar. Moving the adjustable clutch lever out a notch or two corrects it. I went nuts trying to figure out the problem on my GENII and it was THIS simple...
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