Guy tried to rob a hotel while two MMA fighters were in the lobby that robber felt like an idiot
screw the robber. all I can remember from that video is that HOT blonde. omg! I kept rewinding it to just see her. yummy
"Oops officer, I didn't mean to break his arm"....
Glad it all worked out for the best and everyone is safe.
In an armed robbery, it could have been a whole lot worse outcome . . .
In London, my nephew Jack & his friend 'Little Rob' came out of the tube - 'subway' to you, and were surrounded by 6 gang member with knives, asking for money & their phones. Jack told them they were making a mistake, but they persisted. One minute later the two who remained standing were running down the street, and the other four were on the ground.

Oh, i forgpt to mention, Jack has been to Korea to train & be trained in Taekwando, he teaches it in London, and Little Rob also practises Taekwando........
Cool for those boys stepping up to the plate!

I wonder if the hotel took care of their tab? :dunno: