gsxr1000 wheels fit on hayabusa


does anyone know if the 2002 gsxr 1000 front wheel will fit the gen 1 busa or what i would need????

just need to know about the front wheel
you have to cut the threaded insert's lip off so you can move the axle over to line up the rotors with the brakes. you may have to swap the rotors also. if one is taller than the other. i have 05-06 gsxr1000 wheels on my gen 1 busa and that is how i did mine. i think you need the 1000 axle also. i did mine about 5 years ago
01 and 02 GSXR wheels do fit, but you need spacers for the front wheel.
And the rear wheel needs a new left hand spacer, as well as the brake hanger needs 125ths removed.
There is a member on SH .org that makes them.
As for the rotors they bolt right up for the wheel you asked about.
Ps this is the member on


Just search for wheel spacers and you will find him!