Hello to you all here from Long Island, NY.

I am a recent convert from Honda's Interceptor. I picked up my k8 Hayabusa from a knee surgery patient whom reluctantly let me steal it from him after he modified it with pc3, intake, ti-force and dyno tune. He only managed 680 miles before he let it go. I have some 'not to be believed' dyno results that I will post just for the fun factor after I scan them in. I do want to take a moment to thank all you posters here and tell you that the information that you list, question and answer is most helpfull, usefull and yes entertaining. Thank you. I have ordered HeliBars, Buell peg kit and Tobin seat to ease my transition to hyperspace. Oh, anyone else have a setup similar to this? Also just delivered .. a CycleShell.



Are you really "Steelkite", or is this a .org admin posing as a newbe to test our friendliness:whistle:
(I'm into paranoid conspiracy theories)

Hey Man, never mind me, I'm just having fun:laugh:

Lots of good information and people here:thumbsup:

Sweet K8:thumbsup:, I purchased the faster Blue One:laugh:

I'm a nice guy, and I always return my PM's if you need anything.

Seriously, Welcome to the .org:welcome:
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Welcome to the madness! Looks like he either polished the lip of the wheels or had the entire wheel polished/chromed. Looks good.
Welcome to the oRg! my first real bike was an Interceptor, loved that thing. :beerchug:
Is that your normal parking place? Maybe invest into a wheel lock(roadlok) and alarm. Install an eye bolt into the ground and cable(good) lock it the Busa in place. Busa's seem to end up missing more then other types of motorcycle. Always good to protect your investment.
:welcome: steelkite. What a great find you have there! :thumbsup: And with TiForce exhaust :woot: to boot. Sweet!
I'm concerned about your dyno results w/ only 600 something miles on her though. If that mileage is correct, your barely out of the initial break-in period. To receive optimal Dyno numbers you need to at about 10-11krpms.
May want to be careful so early in your new beauties engine life. Just my $0.02
:welcome: to the oRg. Nice ride and the fastest color as well. Enjoy and be safe out there :thumbsup:
Welcome aboard, and hope you enjoy your stay! You'll find lots of people here with lots of great advice, and new and improved 50% less snark! That's a pretty sweet cover you have there - where did you get that?