Green Dragon Trade or cash to good Home


The Watcher
Due to my health and even worse finances my Green Dragon must go. I will not even try to count what I have put into the Busa over the years. The fact is it does not matter. 2001-2004 custom Turbo Busa Pearl Lime Green with Purple script Ninja Eater on the bike. Anyone around here knows the bike. I want it to go to a good home. I am not selling it at a high price because i do not want to see it blown up and then have arguments on how it went, I will Consider a good running car, truck trade, or cash at $3,000. This will make a great bike affordable for some one. takes a lot of money to maintain properly.

Clear title and VIN available

I have things to do and must maintain my estate, which is 7 acres. I will trade my Bursa to a good home that can trade__ a good running car__ (does not matter what type of car as long as it runs good. Bursa runs good it has a little stutter at low RP Ms. Most likely the FMU or the injectors need to be cleaned. It will still go well over 200mph. Since my good friend DaveO passed away I have not let anyone else touch the bike. Dave maintained it for me as if it was his own. His death affected me more then you can imagine

So bottom line looking for a trade or $3,000 cash here it is.

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