Got money to burn...Need suggestions


Yes i know that title sounds like flame bait. but i really need some ideas on where to spend this cash. I'm due a check from the ins. company to affect some repairs to the Busa from an accident. I really only need to replace the Front fender and right side panel. It looks like I'm gonna have about $1900 to do it with. I figure if i go to Ron ayers for parts I'll have 11 or 12 hundred left.
I want to get one of the flip windscreens (-80). So now I need to know what mod you guys think will give me the most pleasure..I could finish polishing hte frame. or get a new paint job. I could get an exhaust and a PCIIIr. Maybe some Rythmn gauges? or Icemann tailights?
What about airtech body parts? anyone used 'em?

Ideas please. and If anyone knows parts cheaper than Ron Ayers...let me know.
Ok first of all what mods do you already have done?
Second, what kind of riding do you do?

Got a good helmet and leathers, safety always comes first.

Ok here's my $.03 worth

1. Helibars - they make the riding more comfortable $125
2. Strip and Polish the frame yourself one weekend $50
3. Clear tail & turn signals or anything other than stock $125
3. New undertail & clear turn signals $350
4. Used slip-ons range from $250-400
5. Chrome wheels $550-$650
6. Chrome Swingarm $300-$375
7. Corbin seat $200

Man the list could go on and on I've got 5k plus wrapped into my bike and I didn't touch the engine... The options are endless but maybe these will give you an idea of where to start from.

Thanks Dezzy...forgot to to provide some background...
I ride reasonably aggressively, but no stunts. Need to use the ride as a daily commuter as well so I can't get too radical.

1. Stripped and polished the frame and swingarm myself (took WAY  more than one weekend) but i don't like the way it came out. it's ok but could be MUCH nicer
2. Corbin seat
3. Galfer brake & Clutch lines
4. Mototek Undertail w/LED lights
5. Icemann HID light
6. Double Bubble
7. Clear front signals
8. Switchable Air Horn Mod
9. Mini Neon (poser mod)
10. Grill in side vents (matches front scoops)
11. Ermax Rear Hugger and Chainguard
Donate it to the Captain for maintaining this wonderful site!

Write off the donation come tax time...Everybody wins!

Heh... far as a charity goes...If i don't get to spend it on my and my Busa..Nobody else is getting either! I had to fall down to get this cash...i deserve it.
I think you could donate the money to a worthy cause The Jetset worthy cause fund.There are no minimum donation.
Hey Dark, here's what I would do.
Spend endless hours on this site looking at pictures in the gallery to choose if I'd rather have show or go.
Then I'd paint my bike since it already has polished frame, wheel lips, D&D's, PC, and all that good stuff.
I think custom paint is the biggest single most dramatic change you can make to anything on wheels.
But that's just me.
It's the difference between WOW, nice busa, and holy flyin fugg, killer Busa!!!!!!
Maybe I'm just on crack!!!
Oh yeah, hope you don't mind lettin me use the "fugg" thing RSD.